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Thermutech Industrial Services provide a comprehensive service for installing insulation and cladding for pipework, pumps and valves, and undertakes projects primarily within the Power Generation, Pharmaceutical, and food industries having built up technical knowledge and expertise in the above industrial sectors.

Every application has insulation selected that meets the requirements of the user, with so many products on the market Thermutech Industrial Services can advise clients on the correct type and thickness.

Thermutech Industrial Services has a skilled work force of experienced Thermal Insulation Engineers (TIE) who provide the highest quality service.

Thermal insulation, commonly associated with heat retention, also includes cold work applications often associated with the Pharmaceutical and Food Industries.

This applies to steam / hot / condensing / process pipework containing a product, also boiler houses, lofts, and air conditioning.

Good energy management through the use of insulation can substantially save on fuel cost and benefits maybe seen in as little as twelve weeks.

We would be very pleased to assist you on your next project.




Using the right insulation package is key to saving money and reducing the effect of rising energy prices.

We insulate and clad all types and sizes of tanks and silos, containing both hot and cold mediums.

Insulation materials include injected or sheet foam for cold applications plus fibreglass, rockwool or glasswool for low to medium temperature applications.

To enable roofs to be ‘walk on’, a layer of galvanised sheet can be installed under the final cladding, or calcite / foamglass blocks.

Outer cladding is also selected to meet client needs. Cladding is fabricated in the company's own workshop or for larger installations on site.

Thermutech Industrial Services has a skilled work force of experienced Thermal Insulation Engineers (TIE) who provide the highest quality service. Our workforce take pride in delivering exceptional results combining effective insulation with high quality finishing.

We would be very pleased to assist you on your next project.




Thermutech Industrial Services was established in 2000 and has built up enviable relationships with new and existing clients through our belief of delivering projects both to programme and to a high standard of workmanship. 

We offer a full cladding service from new build to refurbishment and also offer an over-clad option to old asbestos sheet buildings. Experience within the industry enables us to install single skin sheeting, insulated composite panels, low-pitch standing seam and concealed fix systems. These systems can be provided with many substrates and finishes including plain or colour coated aluminium and colour coated steel & are installed to the high standards our clients expect. 

We have a highly skilled installation team and a management with over forty-five years experience in all aspects of the cladding industry who will be very pleased to assist you on your next project.



Trace heating systems are based on a flexible, cable-like, heating element which is positioned near or next to the pipe or engineering area which needs to be kept at a constant temperature. 

This technology supplements the insulation normally included with such systems where the temperature fluctuation may still drop below minimum tolerances.

Thermal insulation will reduce the rate of heat loss, however trace heating is often essential to maintain the desired temperature, particularly in no flow conditions.

The most common applications are Freeze Protection, Hot Water Service temperature maintenance and Process temperature maintenance in a wide variety of applications: Fuel Oil, Caustic soda, Liquid Sugar, Fats and soaps, Bitumen, Paints and Lacquers, Polymers, Acids and Esters.

Thermutech Industrial Services offer a full turnkey package including impartial advice in heater tape installation and insulation requirements to keep all process pipe work flowing. As an independent company we can select products from the full range of manufacturers currently operating in the marketplace.

Heaters can be supplied for both 110 Volt and 240 Volt systems.
Heating elements are available in a variety of formats from traditional tapes and heating mats to more innovative drum heaters.

From conception and initial consultation to design, supply, installation, thermal insulation and commissioning, Thermutech Industrial Services will handle the entire project - as well as maintenance. 





South West Water, Plymouth, UK.

In June 2015, we were asked to insulate and clad a digester roof with industrial grade GRP with Molochite anti-slip surface.

The project was carried out in Plymouth on a South West Water site. Although at times the project was testing due to bad weather and high winds, the work was completed on time and within budget, with both contractor and client pleased with the outcome.


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Bellozanne, St Helier, States of Jersey (The island of Jersey, UK)

Thermutech Ltd were asked to quote the insulation and cladding of 3 concrete digesting tanks on behalf of the States of Jersey. The project was challenging from the offset with poor weather conditions and difficult logistics. 

The project, located at Bellozanne Sewage Treatment Works, nr St Helier, was carried out in early February and completed in early March 2015 well within completion dates.

The specification offered to the client was EPS 100 industrial grade polystyrene which had a thermal conductivity 0.036 w/mK, this product was able to maintain the critical temperature of +37c for optimum performance of the digesting tanks.

For mechanical and weather protection the insulation was clad with a mild steel profile sheet which was covered in a Plastisol finish to prevent corrosion. 



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